Many have always had a fascination for auto racing. Some would love to drive a racecar but are reluctant due to the perceived expenses in terms of cost, time and technical expertise. The Spec Miata (SM) class is designed to provide an affordable means for amateur and professional drivers to fulfill their dreams. The new SM is a fast growing class all across the U.S.A. Many of the best amateur drivers in other classes are now moving over to the new Spec Miata series. These SM racecars are built using affordable, highly reliable stock Mazda Miata street cars.

Preparing a stock Miata for racing includes removing amenities and upgrading suspension and safety packages. The cars used are typically the 1990-1993 Miatas with the 1600cc engines and 1994-1997.

Miatas with the 1800cc engines. Engine modifications are not permitted and the 1800cc engines must run a restrictor plate. Common and allowed upgrades include a hard top, race suspension, cold air intake, racing tires, racing brake pads, a modified exhaust and a limited slip differential. The specifications are strict and are enforced to level the playing field and help control costs. The Miata is an extremely balanced car and being competitive comes down to driver skill.

Mazda supports Spec Miata racing by sponsoring races and providing drivers with a competition parts program for stock and racing components at racer discounted prices. Professional and amateur drivers agree that the Spec Miata is a great racecar to zoom...zoom...zoom around the competition