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What do you get when you drop the 238 hp Renesis rotary engine from the Mazda RX-8 into a 1090 lb. state of the art carbon fiber monocoque race car? How about 0-60 in less than 2.9 seconds, a top speed of over 160 mph and over 2.5 g's in lateral grip. Check out the specs on the car that's developing the future racing stars of tomorrow, right now.
It might be known as the Standard Mazda, but there's nothing standard about it. The 180 hp 13B rotary engine-equipped Formula Mazda started the rotary formula revolution over a decade ago and continues to be a track star today. Click here to see the specs of one of the most popular formula racers in the country.
Don't let the bodywork fool you. The Sports Racer might be a full-bodied version of the Standard Mazda, but it doesn't lose a step on the track. The Sports Racer offers racers looking for a rotary track experience in a sports car guise the chance to take it all in at 150 mph. Click here for the full specs of the full-bodied Star Mazda racer.
Whether it's the heart of the Pro Formula Mazda the same Renesis rotary engine that you'll find in any Mazda RX-8 , the sequential-shift transmission, the FIA-spec carbon fiber monocoque, inboard suspension with cockpit adjustable front sway bar or the 4-piston brakes, the Pro Formula Mazda boasts the latest in motorsports technology in every way. If you've ever wondered about the "what and why" of modern race car technology, click here for an up close look at one of the best examples of state-of-the-art speed on the track today.