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Pro Formula Mazda Specifications

Dry Weight: 1090 lbs.
Chassis: Carbon fiber composite built to FIA standards
Fuel cell: 19 U.S. gallons
Bodywork: Fiberglass
Engine: 240 hp Mazda Renesis two-rotor rotary engine, certified and sealed
Engine management: MoTeC (encrypted) with rev limiter, pit speed limiter, traction control, fuel trim
Fuel delivery: Electronic fuel injection
Transaxle: Hewland FTR six-speed sequential (with no lift shift)
Front Suspension: Pushrod, inboard with two-way adjustable shock absorbers, cockpit adjustable sway bar, tethered for safety.
Rear Suspension: Pushrod, inboard with two-way adjustable shock absorbers, adjustable sway bar
Wheelbase: 100.5 in.
Track: Front: 61.5 in. Rear: 58.5 in.
Brakes: Alcon 4-piston alloy calipers, vented, floating steel discs. Cockpit adjustable bias.
Wheels: Front 9 x 13 BBS, Rear 11x 13 BBS, forged aluminum, center lock
Cockpit safety: FIA headrest/side head restraint, compatible with HANS device.
Additional features: Fully adjustable wing angles, undertray with diffuser
Optional: Data acquisition, traction control defeat, fuel trim control on steering wheel, pixel screen display
Performance: 0-60 2.9 seconds, 2.5+ g lateral grip, 160+ mph top speed

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