Get up close and personal with fellow tweakers and custom ride tuners.
Erich Schuller, who hails from Maple Valley, Washington, is the guy snickering behind the wheel of this low-profile, highly boosted street demon. The bulk of the car’s tuning attention was focused on the Mazda’s 2.3-liter MZR DISI engine. Tork Motorsports in Auburn dropped dished Wiseco forged pistons and K1 forged rods in the MZR then added a highly massaged cylinder head. Tork’s John Bushbaum performed a full polish and intricate radius work to increase flow, CNC-ported the vital openings and fitted the head with custom-grind cams.
Kevin Sumalinog’s Miata started out like many project car builds, as a simple commuter car with some tasteful upgrades to personalize the car. First on the list were suspension and wheels, like many enthusiasts these days. Although the Megan Racing street series coilovers remain on the car, Kevin has gone through many different wheels since his first set of dished mesh wheels. Kevin spiced up the exterior of the car with an R-package front and rear lip, and an OEM hardtop. The car remained Kevin’s regular driver, slowly acquiring modifications as time and money allowed. Kevin’s day job working IT for a travel company in the fabulous city of Vegas required a short commute, so modifications were kept to a minimum for the time being.