One look at Brad White's RX-7 and it's easy to see the true inspiration behind the Mazda is one measure JDM drift and one measure time attack.

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"I have wanted an FD RX-7 ever since Mazda released the car in America," says a prideful White. "The sultry lines of the car have always appealed to me and in my opinion make the FD timeless."

White reports once he landed a third-generation RX-7, it didn’t take long for him to start the transformation. "I have stacks of [Japanese] Option magazines and U.S. tuner magazines with RX-7's and just pulled ideas from those cars. I love the look of the drift and time attack cars."

"With those cars in mind I set out to build a car I could take to the track to participate in NASA’s High Performance Driving Events (HPDE). But beyond function I also wanted it to look a certain way; even though it is not a show car, it still needed some of those qualities, and I think I got pretty close."

Like with any high-expectation project, there are going to be highs and lows. "The biggest challenge during the project was keeping the car together," confesses White. "The freeways in SoCal are terrible for modified cars and I was daily driving the Mazda for quite a while, which beat up the body pretty good."

"I tore up two C-West front fascias by hitting stuff on the freeway and looping the car around an S-curve while putting power to the ground, wiping out a whole row of oleander bushes, which pretty much destroyed every piece of fiberglass on the car."

"All the suffering has brought me to the current look of the car with the Final Konnexion front fascia and Vertex sides and rear. The car really click in its current setup. I have also purchased a daily driver, which should greatly reduce the heartbreak."

The 13B rotary engine has been internally fortified with a street port and the installation of 3mm apex seals. Boost production is a decidedly GReddy affair, as White’s turbo system features a GReddy T-78 turbo, GReddy 50mm racing wastegate, GReddy SUS turbo manifold, GReddy 3.5-inch downpipe and a signature rotary tuning piece – GReddy’s compression tube throttle body elbow that adds flow and style.

To add balance, White runs an HKS 50mm Racing blow-off valve, CXRacing v-mount intercooler, AEM water/meth injection, an MSD 6A ignition box and a custom exhaust system.

An APEXi Power FC with a Commander handheld tuning device oversees 550cc primary injectors, 1,300cc RC Engineering secondary injectors and a 255-lph Walbro fuel pump. A GReddy Profec E-01 boost controller keeps tabs on pressure and the entire combination was tuned by JRX Rotary.

White is quick to point out that the 13Bs GReddy T78-33d turbo kit is his favorite piece of the pie. "Who doesn't like a big turbo?" quips White. "I went from stock sequential twin turbos to complete non-sequential with a ported wastegate and now the GReddy single-turbo setup. l actually toyed with the idea of doing the LS1 V8 conversion but l just love the turbo rotary and couldn't bring myself to do it."

Since the Mazda sees the track on a regular basis, it is no surprise White is happy with his suspension. "Tokico HTS dampers - what a great adjustable shock that really ties the whole suspension together. I was running the Tokico Illumina adjustable shocks, which were great and handled really well on track and at autocross events, but the Tokico HTS shocks have even greater range of adjustment and can really be dialed in for different driving situations."

Other chart toppers include the RX-7’s Work VSSX wheels, RE-Amemiya sleek-style headlights and the huge CXRacing v-mount intercooler.

"I love driving the Mazda, the adrenaline rush you get when the turbo kicks in and the sound of the rotary exhaust note plus the open wastegate is second to none. What a great motoring experience. Putting the car on the track is by far one of the most exciting things and it’s amazing how it changes personality."

"Mazda really created a great sports car when they put the third-generation RX-7 on the road. The car still gets tons of attention wherever l take it, and that just adds to the appeal."

Riding off into the sunset, White’s plans include continuing his participation in HPDE and hopes to eventually compete in sanctioned time attack events. He will be doing some more shows with the car as well. He reports the Mazda was well received at Nisei Import Showoff and White is looking to maximize exposure for his sponsors.

White wants to send his thanks to his wife Alicia and kids Skyler and Sierra for their support and patience, Juni from JRX Rotary for the help with tuning and friends Scott and Mike for their help. He also wants to call out Von from MomentumGT.com and his sponsors Tokico, VIP All Access Energy Drinks, Route66.net, CXRacing and Biggheds.com.

Sponsors: VIP All Access Energy Drinks, Tokico Performance Shocks, Route66.net, CXracing.com, MomentumGT.com, Biggheds.com

Brad White's 1993 Mazda RX-7
GReddy T-78 turbocharger
CXRacing V-mount intercooler
GReddy 50mm racing wastegate
GReddy SUS turbo manifold
GReddy 3.5" down-pipe
GReddy Profec E-01 boost controller
Custom 3" exhaust
Thermo-Tec turbo blanket and heat shielding
Street port
3mm apex seals
GReddy under-drive pulleys
GReddy compression tube
HKS 50mm racing blow-off valve
AEM water/methanol injection
CXracing dual 25-row oil coolers
Fluidyne radiator
MSD 6A ignition box
Cusco oil catch can
Carbing cooling panel
NGK plugs
Accel 8mm plug wires
Amsoil lubricants
APEXi Power FC w/Commander
550cc primary injectors
1,300cc RC Engineering secondary injectors
255lph Walbro fuel pump
AEM UEGO wideband O2 sensor
Tuned by JRX Rotary
Exedy stage 1 racing clutch
Tokico HTS adjustable dampers
Tein S-Tech springs
Racing Beat front and rear anti-sway bars
Racing Beat front anti-sway bar mount reinforcement
TCS forward and rear strut tower braces
Megan Racing rear trailing arms
Brembo slotted rotors
Mazda front 4-piston calipers
Mazda rear floating caliper
EBC green stuff pads
Work VSXX, 17x 8.5 (F), 17x 9.5 (R)
Yokohoma AVS ES100 235/40 17 (F), 255/40 17 (R)
Final Konnexion front fascia
Vertex side skirts
Vertex rear bumper
Karmotion carbon-fiber hood
Karmotion carbon-fiber hatch
APR carbon-fiber mirrors
RE-Amemiya projector headlights
RE-Amemiya taillight cover
Origin '99 spec front bumper marker lights
Megan Racing carbon-fiber GT wing w/APR stands
Carbon Creations carbon-fiber canards
Sparco hood pins
Benen tow hooks
MemoryFab carbon-fiber S58 racing seats
MOMO Monte Carlo steering wheel
GReddy shift knob
Autopower 6-point roll cage
Autopower 5-point racing harnesses
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