Mazda's Protégé5 wagon was ahead of its time, considered sleek when other segment offerings were seen as square. While it has outward style in abundance, on the inside the Protégé5 is more commuter than powerhouse, but you can't underestimate a Mazda's potential.

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Where the masses flock to coupes and hatchbacks, IT professional Ferdie Quizon saw the light and went big, modifying his P5 for form and function.

Under the hood, the wagon’s FS-DE plant has been boosted with a potent combination of well-matched parts. A Garrett T-3 turbo is suspended by a Spool Innovations tubular manifold outfitted with a Tial external wastegate. The system runs a custom front-mount intercooler with custom aluminum hard pipes and a HKS SSQV blow-off valve.

A JoeP manual boost controller regulates pressure to 10psi. A Microtech LT8S standalone engine computer tunes the 2.0 liter to 210 whp, which Quizon estimates doubles the P5’s power output.

A gutsy turbo can seriously strain the chassis, so Quizon put the P5 on a rigidity regime. He attacked the GT Spec catalog and installed a front strut bar and Trunk Cage System, which consists of a rear strut bar, a rear bumper reinforcement brace and four-point Cross Linkage Brace. A GT Spec lower tie bar, GT Spec four-point ladder bar and MimoUSA lower cross-floor bar were also added to the mix. Footwork consists of Tein Basic coilovers and a Racing Beat rear anti-sway bar.

Another place turbo abuse can be felt is at the contact patch. Toyo Proxes 4s of the 215/35-18 variety wrapped around iForge Sprints set-off in gold are charged with tearing at the tarmac. Stoptech AeroRotors and Stoptech four-piston calipers up front enhance stopping power and earn their keep, bringing the boosted Mazda to a halt.

Thanks to DG Motorsports and an array of Japanese Domestic Market parts, the P5 really puts it best foot forward. An authentic and exceedingly rare Mintblue body kit and JDM wing installed and sprayed in Pure White by Richard at R. Rabe Body & Paint make this P5 a true standout. DG is represented by a bevy of cool, exotic carbon fiber parts that include the front grill, mirror covers, rear latch cover and eyelids.

A Gemini Composites carbon fiber reverse-cowl hood further accents the P5’s individual flare. JDM aficionados will be quick to clue into the JDM OEM Familia taillights, bumper guard and badging as well as some strategically placed authentic MAZDASPEED badges.

The interior did not escape Quizon’s touch. The stock buckets have been replaced by Bride Gias carbon-Kevlar buckets, the floor mats and rear seats have been wrapped in Bride’s trademark gradated cloth, and both the shift boot and e-brake boot have been wrapped to tie the look together.

From there DG Motorsports is up to its tricks again as the interior features more carbon-fiber trim pieces, namely A-pillars, a gauge cluster surround, glove box cover, arm rest cover, one-piece shift plate cover, e-brake cover and radio bezel. Information transfer is provided by an Innovate Wideband A/F gauge and a boost gauge, oil press gauge, water temp gauge and volt meter from the STRI Imperial DSD line.

Entertainment is extensive in the Mazda. The spare tire well was fiberglassed and used as the enclosure for two 10-inch subwoofers. A false floor was then built on top of it cover in carbon fiber vinyl. Then a small box was built, which was also carbon vinyl wrapped, on top to hold two JL Audio 300/2 Slash amps and an Accelevision 17-inch Raw LCD monitor.

A JVC KW-AVX810 Double-din Multimedia Receiver runs the show. The P5 is also equipped with a Nintendo Wii game console, an intercom speaker system, a 4G Ipod Nano and integrated interior lighting to set the proper mood.

Quizon’s Protégé5 vividly illustrates its not where you start, it’s what you end up with when cleverness, diligence and desire converge. This Mazda has it all, beauty, boost and the audacity to be driven everyday. We all should be so lucky as to roll a ride with this much pride.

Ferdie Quizon’s Trophy Case

Chinatown Showoff, Los Angeles CA (2nd Place ‘Other Class’)
El Monte High School Car Show, El Monte CA (2nd Place ‘Mazda Class’)
Extreme Autofest, Las Vegas NV (1st Place ‘Mazda Class’)
Battle of the Imports, Fontana CA (2nd Place ‘Mazda Class’)

Extreme Autofest, San Diego CA (2nd Place 'Mazda Class')
Nisei Showoff, Los Angeles CA (3rd Place 'Mazda Class')
Torco Oil Car Show, Santa Fe Springs CA (2nd Place 'Best Mazda')

Extreme Autofest, Anahiem CA (2nd Place ‘Mazda Class’)
Mazfest, Fontana CA (Best Protégé5, Best of Show)
Nisei Showoff, Los Angeles CA (2nd Place ‘Open Class’)

Ferdie Quizon's 2003 Protégé5
Garrett T-3 turbocharger
Spool Innovations tubular turbo manifold
Tial external wastegate
Custom front-mount intercooler
Custom aluminum hard pipes
HKS SSQV blow-off valve
JoeP manual boost controller
Microtech LT8S ECU
Tein Basic coil-over suspension
RacingBeat rear stabilizer bar
GT SPEC front strut tower brace
GT SPEC Trunk Cage System
GT SPEC lower tie bar
GT SPEC 4-point ladder bar
MimoUSA lower cross floor bar
Stoptech AeroRotors
Stoptech 4-piston calipers
18x7 iForged Sprints
Toyo Proxes 4 215/35-18
Authentic Mintblue body kit and wing (JDM version)
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber grille
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber mirror covers
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber rear latch cover
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber eyelids
Gemini Composites carbon-fiber reverse-cowl hood
JDM OEM Familia taillights
JDM OEM Familia bumper guard
JDM OEM Familia badges
Authentic MAZDASPEED badges
Bride Gias carbon-Kevlar seats
Bride seat rails and sliders
Crow 4-point harnesses
Bride wrapped rear headrests
Bride wrapped rear bench seat
Bride wrapped floor mats
Double-stitched custom suede shift boot
Double-stitched custom suede e-brake boot
DaveB aluminum gauge rings
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber A-pillars
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber gauge cluster surround
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber glove box cover
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber armrest cover
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber one-piece shift plate cover
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber e-brake cover
DG Motorsports carbon-fiber radio bezel
Innovate wideband air/fuel gauge
STRI Imperial DSD boost gauge
STRI Imperial DSD oil pressure gauge
STRI Imperial DSD water temperature gauge
STRI Imperial DSD volt meter gauge
STRI turbo timer
Greddy shift knob
JVC KW-AVX810 double-DIN multimedia receiver
2 JL Audio 300/2 Slash amplifiers
4 JL Audio TR690-TXi speakers
2 JL Audio 10W3v2 subwoofers
Accelevision 17-inch Raw LCD monitor
Nintendo Wii
Intercom speaker system
iPod Nano
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