Cody Chan’s Miata fuses drift aesthetic and old-school cool

fu-sion n: the merging or blending of two or more things, for example, materials or ideas

For Cody Chan, the “materials” start with a first-generation Miata and include gear like body tuning parts, go-fast goodies, and suspension bits. Clearly the drifting scene and old-school imports have been tapped in to for ideas and inspiration.

“When I started driving, I bounced back [and forth] between [Nissan] S13 [240SX] and [Toyota] AE86 [Corollas] just by trading and selling,” says Cody. “The last [Corolla] GT-S coupe I owned I ended up posting for sale on a forum, and I had a buyer come check it out. He seemed very interested in the car, and then at that key moment when I thought he was going to make me a cash offer, he asks me to trade for his lightly-modded Miata.

“It was a car that I jumped into and had no idea about its strengths and weakness and how deep its tuning roots reached.”

Cody, who hails from Southern California, has invested a lot of time and intensity into the four- year build-up of his 1992 NA chassis.

The Mazda’s low and wide hunkered stance is the first thing to grab the eyes. The Autokonexion fender flares, Bomex-style front bumper, and towering rear wing from GT set the drift tone, while one of the more iconic old-school wheels, Work Equip Type 01s, enhance the effect with their hella-flush mounting.

Megan Racing coil-overs put the drop on the suspension to complete the look. Cody’s Miata also features a URAS-style drop vent hood, sweet Shine Auto Project rear diffuser with vortex generators, an APR front splitter, APR carbon-fiber mirrors, Autokonexion side skirts, Autokonexion carbon rear finish panel, and Ryoku Racing Tow Hooks. A custom white with Ice Pearl accents paint job by Buddha Paint of Buena Park puts the finishing touches on the Mazda.

Raising the hood, it is immediately clear that Cody has raised the roof from a performance perspective. The big hitter is a Jackson Racing M45 supercharger kit; the package features a 45- cubic inch Eaton twin-screw blower set to deliver 6 psi of boost. Cody employs a Megasquirt plug-and-play standalone engine management system to keep the 1.6-liter purring. To reduce backpressure on the hot side, a Jackson Racing header and Racing Beat cat-back exhaust were added to the mix.

The Cody treatment continues in the cockpit, where the emphasis is sporty functionality. The Mazda is a single seater with a lone Buddy Club racing bucket seat on call. A Nardi Classic 330mm steering wheel with FET quick-release system keeps the competition look rolling.

A KG Works Starter Panel, Autopower six-point cage, and SafeRacer hardtop mounts also stay with the theme. On the convenience side, Cody has added LED kick panel interior lights, JDM OEM roadster checkered floor mats, and a thumpin’ audio system.

There is a lot of eye candy to be seen in Cody’s Miata, but when asked the owner is quick to focus on the car’s rear diffuser.

“Less than a handful of owners have really done anything like it stateside,” says a proud Cody. “My inspiration comes from those small, independent roadster shops in Japan. Also, it always creates a stir, and it’s usually the first thing I get questions about.

“The KG Works starter panel means a lot to me. Every time I use it to start my car it gives me that roadster love feeling. That and it feels like I'm firing up a jet plane of some sort.” Cody is also keen on his rollers: “The wheels.... I mean who doesn't love legit wide wheels with big lips? These are OG originals tightly wrapped with Falken tires.”

There is a lot going down on the NA Miata and we are happy to report one of the hardest working items on the car is its odometer. Cody reports he’s rolled up 30,000 miles since 2006. Cars this exciting should be throttled on a daily basis.

Special thanks to:
Mike Burlas @ http://www.autokonexion.com/
Ray and Dee Gonzaga @ DB Auto Care/Racetoys 909-861-3307
Long Le, Adam Feliciano, Jim Le @ Buddha Paint OC http://www.buddhapaintoc.com/
Drift Speed @ http://www.driftspeed.com/
Hung @ Hipro Speed http://www.hiprospeed.com/aboutus.asp
Jon Pham @ Js Graphics
Daniel Lim @ Tustin Mazda
Rob @ Ryoku Racing
Kinod OG crew

Cody Chan’s 1992 Mazda Miata

Jackson Racing M45 supercharger
Jackson Racing Headers
Megasquirt plug-and-play standalone engine management
Racing Beat cat-back exhaust
Miata 1.8L rear-end swap
ACT clutch with heavy-duty pressure plate
GReddy oil filter re-locater
Short shifter
DME radiator panel

Megan Racing coil-over suspension
Racing Beat adjustable rear anti-sway bar

Wheels & Tires:
Work Equip 01, 15x9.5 front, 15x11 rear
ARP extended studs
Falken Ziex, 205/50 15 front, 225/50 15 rear

White w/Ice Pearl paint, sprayed by Buddha Paint
URAS-style drop vent hood
Bomex-style front bumper
Shine Auto Project rear diffuser with vortex generators
GT rear wing
Lexan 1/4 window with NACA duct
APR front splitter
APR carbon mirrors
Autokonexion fender flares
Autokonexion side skirts
Autokonexion carbon-fiber rear finish panel
Ryoku Racing tow hooks
Turn signal intakes
Midd Tenn headlight buckets w/PIAA running LED lights and projectors
LED rear third brake light

Nardi Classic 330mm steering wheel
FET quick release
KG Works starter panel
Buddy Club bucket seat
LED kick panel interior lights
Autopower six-point roll cage
Japanese market OEM roadster checkered floor mats
SafeRacer hardtop mounts
Punch 10in. subwoofer
Kicker amplifier
Kenwood head unit

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