Autokonexion's calling card wide-body Miata

Mike Burlas knows a thing or two about designing functional aerodynamics. The owner and lead designer at Autokonexion—a fabrication company that specializes in body parts for Mazda’s famous roadster, the Miata—has been messing with composite materials and body lines for close to 20 years. He previously owned one well-known firm that bore his name, Burlas Racing Sports (BRS Auto Design), an outfit that produced race-proven wide-body kits for a number of years.

Burlas’ love affair with the low-and-wide look began in the 1990s, when he set out to really position his Toyota apart from the crowd. After coming up with a one-off fender flare setup, he was approached by several admirers of his handiwork and decided to mass produce his parts. This was how BRS was born.

Burlas and his wife started Autokonexion to focus solely on the Miata/MX-5 platform. They began by making smaller fiberglass parts and eventually started doing bigger projects when the demand got high enough. The company is continually innovating (working with several race teams and aerodynamicists) and building unique products, hoping to one day be recognized as a trusted server of the Miata community.

As an example of the kind of work Aukonexion can do, Burlas made over his own 1992 roadster into a completely race-inspired fastback.

An Autokonexion GT wide-body kit and full fastback top give the Mazda an altogether European sports car presence, while APR front splitter, dive planes, and rear spoiler, and JRX engineering race diffuser further help the RWD roadster stick to the pavement. The engine gets partial venting thanks to a Seibon carbon-fiber hood, and the entire exterior is tied together with a stunning red PJ Bonifacio paint job.

In the cabin, the motorsports motif is woven throughout with touches like the Momo steering wheel, Nardi quick-release hub and Autopower roll cage. A pair of Sparco seats and four-point harnesses replace factory offerings.

The Autokonexion Miata is more than just a looker, though. Indeed, under its Seibon hood is some Zoom-Zoom ingenuity that only an enthusiast could dream up.

The 1.6-liter inline-four motor and gearbox that were in the car were ditched for a legendary 13B rotary and its transmission. The 13B was built by famed rotary engine builders JRX Rotary, which also came up with the custom sub-frame for the mill swap and performed the turbocharger system installation.

JRX modified the S5 turbo in the forced-induction setup, an arrangement that also includes a JRX Miata V-mount intercooler/radiator kit and GReddy blow-off valve and boost controller. JRX designed the custom exhaust and also tuned the Miata’s Microtech engine management, which prompts the Factor-X 1,200cc fuel injectors and Walbro fuel pumps.

The gearbox that’s mated to the 13B sends twisting force to an RX-7 Turbo II rear differential, one secured with Autokonexion solid aluminum differential mounts. The diff motivates axles turning 18-inch XXR 521 rear wheels, measuring 10 inches wide and shod in 285mm rubber. Burlas hopes to one day wrap all four corners in 285mm rubber.

For now, the call is 8.5-inch wide XXR 521s in front, wrapped in a 225 tire. All four wheels are secured to five-lug converted hubs, and additional chassis mods consist of Eibach anti-sway bars and a Tein suspension.

If you visit the Autokonexion website and browse through its “About Us” section, you get a sense of the places Burlas has been and the success that his projects have seen. The Miata community should consider itself lucky to have such a talented craftsman doting on the beloved platform.

Mike Burlas/Autokonexion 1992 Mazda Miata

JRX Rotary-built 13b turbocharged rotary motor swap and transmission
JRX custom sub-frame
JRX modified S5 turbocharger
GReddy blow-off valve
GReddy boost controller
JRX custom exhaust
Factor-X 1,200cc fuel injectors
(2) Walbro fuel pumps
JRX-tuned Microtech engine management
Gear drive pulleys
JRX Miata V-mount intercooler/radiator kit
Action clutch
RX-7 Turbo II rear differential
Autokonexion solid aluminum differential mounts

Tein suspension
Eibach sway bars

XXR 521 wheels (18x8.5 front, 18x10 rear)
225/35-18 front, 285/30-18 rear
JRX 5-lug hub conversion

Autokonexion GT wide-body kit
Autokonexion full fastback top
APR Performance front splitter
APR Performance canards
APR Performance GT 200 rear spoiler
SEIBON carbon-fiber hood
JRX Engineering race diffuser
PJ Bonifacio paint

Momo steering wheel
Sparco seats
Autopower roll cage
Nardi quick-release hub adapter
Four-point harness

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