2013 Mazdaspeed 3 Reviews and Awards
We knew the Mazdaspeed3 was unique for its powerful turbocharged DISI engine, Mazdaspeed handling and killer good looks—and leading automotive journalists seem to agree. Read some of the Mazdaspeed3 accolades below and find out what people are saying about this thrilling sports compact.


Mazda has the most affordable five-year cost of ownership of all automotive manufacturers according to Kelley Blue Book's

— | February 2013

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"Priced Right"

"Fun, efficient, and priced right."

Motor Trend | September 2010


"Affordable Fun & Practicality"

"... all in all, the car has held true to its promise of affordable fun and practicality."

—, Long-Term Road Test Update | October 2010

Get a Lot for $25K

"...for $25,000, there is an abundance of performance, entertainment and practicality in the Mazdaspeed3 for the enthusiast driver."

— | July 2010

"Affordable Fun & Practicality"

"... all in all, the car has held true to its promise of affordable fun and practicality."

—, 2010 MAZDASPEED3 Long-Term Road Test | January 2010

A Blast on a Budget

"Good luck finding any other vehicle as vicious, rambunctious, and immensely fun as this one for only $23,945."

Winding Road | February 2010

"A Total Bargain"

"It's a total blast. It's also a total bargain."

Winding Road | January 2010

Quick, Fast and Relatively Cheap

"Did we say it's quick, it's fast, and it's relatively cheap? Take note: If your knuckles drag when you walk, you probably won't like it."

— | April 2009


"Modern-day Pocket Rocket"

"...the Mazdaspeed 3 follows the standard formula for a modern-day pocket rocket. It's quick and has gobs of power and excellent steering for a Saturday drive in the woods. Plus, it gets good fuel economy, which is now up to 23 mpg overall. That mix is why enthusiasts like it."

—, Long-Term Road Test Update | October 2010

"Pure Pleasure"

"No trouble passing the fun-to-drive portion of the test here—what the MS3 lacks in subtlety it makes up for in pure pleasure."

Winding Road | June 2010

"Front-drive Muscle Car"

"Mazda has created a kind of front-drive muscle car, complete with smoking burnouts at will, lewd squirming out of hard corners, and a soundtrack loud enough to make instant enemies at stoplights."

Winding Road | January 2010

Turbo-charged Flash

"The second-generation MAZDASPEED3 wraps a flashy new body around its awesome turbocharged powerplant."

— | March 2009

How Mazda Made a Real Sports Car

"The 2010 Mazdaspeed 3 is a complete car. But its success won't ever be measured by instruments — that's not how Mazda USA does things. Instead, it will be measured by feel, by soul and by passion mdash; because those are all characteristics of a good sports car."

— Edmunds' Inside Line | August 2009

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"Improving on an already stout platform"

"In 2007, the MAZDASPEED3 was the most powerful front-driver under $25,000. Yet, it was the deft combination of power and utility that made the hatchback irresistible. The 2010 MAZDASPEED3, fortunately, relies on much of the previous generation's hardware—engine included—but gains Mazda's smiley-face aesthetics, an updated suspension and driveline, and reworked electronics to improve upon an already stout platform."

— | April 2009

"You're going to love the 2010 MAZDASPEED3"

"If you like aggressive Nagare styling and turbo hot hatch power you're going to love the 2010 MAZDASPEED3."

— Jalopnik | April 2009


MotorWeek Drivers'Choice - Best Small Car 2010

"Indeed, this affordable little drivers' car series seems to have it all."

MotorWeek | May 2010

Continuous Improvement

"For 2010, Mazda appears to have only improved on the MAZDASPEED3's strong points."

— | April 2009


Styling for the Fast and Furious

"... the Speed 3's exterior styling seems intended to stimulate the salivary glands of the fast and the furious."

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