2014 Mazda 2 Reviews and Awards
48 international awards later, the 2011 MAZDA2 is finally stateside. Read on to see what the U.S. press is saying about this hot subcompact that's big on fun and small on price.


Mazda has the most affordable five-year cost of ownership of all automotive manufacturers according to Kelley Blue Book's

— | February 2013

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Brings Style, Economy and Fun

"...the Mazda2 brings style, economy and fun to buyers who think that affordable small cars like the Honda Civic are just too big."

U.S. News | April 2010

Fun & Engaging

"The drive itself has been getting its fair share of thumbs-up, though, with descriptors like "fun" and "engaging" being tossed about. In all likelihood, this will be one of the better-handling cars in this growing segment."



Enjoyable MAZDA2

"...they don’t come much more enjoyable than the Mazda 2."

— | August 2010

Poster Child for Greenformance Cars

"The point is that Mazda has cranked out a positively brilliant car with the Mazda2, a car that can be seen as a poster child for a whole group of affordable greenformance cars."

Winding Road | January 2011

"Honda Fit's Hottest Competition"

"Mazda's diminutive hatchback could be the Honda Fit's hottest competition yet."

— | March 2010

Eclipses Honda, Toyota & Nissan

"Around a few twisty portions of the drive route, the 2 showed great composure and stayed nearly flat through them. When it came to damping, the suspension soaked up road imperfections beautifully and easily eclipses competitors from Honda, Toyota and Nissan."

AutoWeek | June 2010

A Successful Player

"A huge -- and so far, very successful -- player in the ever-important globalized B-car segment."

Motor Trend | May 2010

Easy to See Why It Was a Hit Abroad

"It's not hard to see why the spunky yet refined Mazda 2 was such a huge hit abroad when the last generation debuted in 2007. ... Needless to say, we're glad Mazda's decided to crash the subcompact party."

— | June 2010

Serious Competition for Honda Fit

"The cute little hatchback will provide some serious competition for the likes of the Honda Fit, and Ford will surely see some inner-family competition against its own Fiesta..."

—* | March 2010


Plays Like a Video Game

"In sum, you can play a car like the Mazda2 as if it were a video game, with the resulting thrills and sense of accomplishment."

Winding Road | January 2011

"Agile & Lively"

"The car felt agile and lively and carved through the corners admirably."

Popular Mechanics | June 2010

Better Driving Dynamics Than Fit & Fiesta

"If driving dynamics are your main priority, the Mazda2 may give the Fit fits, and prove the Fiesta to be a siesta!"

— | September 2010

"Miata-like Athleticism"

"The Mazda 2 hustles through corners with Miata-like athleticism and plenty of steering feel."

Car and Driver | October 2010

Enthusiasm in a Bland Segment

"... the Mazda2 retains its sense of enthusiasm in a segment where cars can easily become bland to appease the American palate."

Winding Road | August 2010

"A Delight to Drive"

"The Mazda2 was a delight to drive, even on the highway, where it managed to feel much more substantial than its small size would have you think."

— | August 2010

"Pure Driving Fun"

"... the Mazda 2 is pure driving fun."

— | August 2011

"Simply More Fun"

"The Mazda2 feels really agile and willing to turn, a sensation that is simply more fun and also quite handy in urban situations."

Winding Road | January 2011

"A More Engaging Car"

"Being so light, it's a more engaging car, one that makes the driver a bigger participant than he would be in most other small cars."

Motor Trend | June 2010

An Enthusiast Pleaser

"...the Mazda2 steers and handles in an enthusiast-pleasing manner. The low-inertia motor and tuning of the electric power steering made it just about the best unit we've experienced in a front-wheel-drive car in terms of feel and precision. The car felt agile and lively and carved through the corners admirably." | June 2010

Impressive Handling

"The five-speed gearbox is crisp and positive, the steering is impressively communicative given its all-electric power assistance and body roll is well checked."

— Edmunds’ Inside Line | February 2010


More Affordable Than Fiesta

"... some buyers will find that the Mazda2 offers an engaging driving experience at a lower cost than the Fiesta."

Popular Mechanics | June 2010

Balances Value and Practicality

"It became clear that for Mazda's North American introduction into the B-car segment, it did a really good job of balancing value and everyday practicality without forsaking what makes a Mazda a Mazda."

Winding Road | August 2010


Style + Quality

"The Mazda2 embraces the smallness of the B segment with style and sporty dynamics wrapped around an interior that looks and feels of quality rather than cost efficiency."

— | September 2010

"Genuinely Attractive"

"From the look of it, the Mazda 2 adds 'genuinely attractive' to the list of newly discovered small-car attributes."

— | March 2010

"Nagare" in Full Force

"Mazda's 'Nagare' design language is in full force here, and the 2 resembles a bite-sized Mazda3 hatchback."

— | December 2009

Organic Design

"The organic curves of the exterior are echoed by a dashboard that's neat, contemporary and logical."

— Edmunds’ Inside Line | February 2010


"Quiet & Comfortable"

"The Mazda2 feels solid and, thanks to some detail work on tuning out noise, much more quiet and comfortable than we've come to expect in this class."

Popular Mechanics | June 2010

Ample Cabin Space

"... front cabin space is ample with a driving position that favors driving over anything else. The seats provide the best lateral support in the segment too."

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