2014 Mazda 5 Reviews and Awards
We knew the MAZDA5 was unique for its impressive gas mileage, sporty handling and minivan functionality -- and leading automotive journalists seem to agree. Read some of the MAZDA5 accolades below and find out what people are saying about this 6-passenger family vehicle.


Mazda has the most affordable five-year cost of ownership of all automotive manufacturers according to Kelley Blue Book's

— | February 2013

2013 model-year vehicle's projected cost to own for the initial five-year ownership period is based on the average Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost to Own data which considers depreciation and costs such as fuel and insurance. For more information, visit

2013 Minivan of the Year

"Perfect for the urban family who isn't always able to find parking spaces for land yachts."

— Autobytel | January 2013

2012 Mazda5 was named best Total Cost of Ownership in its class by Kelley Blue Book's

Kelley Blue Book | February 2012

2012 model-year vehicle's projected ownership costs are based on the average Kelley Blue Book Total Cost of Ownership data for the initial five-year ownership period. For more information, visit

"Affordable, Fuel-efficient Family Transportation"

"For buyers who need affordable, fuel-efficient family transportation that's easy to maneuver in traffic and a snap to park, the MAZDA5 is a strong choice."

— (2010 MAZDA5 Review)


"In a Segment of Its Own"

"... as an efficient and fun family hauler, it's in a segment of its own."

— | January 2010

A Real Fuel Saver

"This MAZDA5 is a very logical and practical, especially given our national interest in fuel economy. Here's a vehicle that will seat six people and still let you bring along some belongings, but it won't suck down a barrel of oil every hour at cruising speeds and it's incredibly easy to maneuver through parking lots and city traffic."

AUTOMOBILE Magazine, 2008 MAZDA5 Touring Review

Price is Hard to Beat

"The Mazda5 and Rondo are in a subclass by themselves, where the Mazda distinguishes itself further with sliding doors and a price that's hard for any small vehicle to beat."

— | March 2010

Impressive Price + Cargo Space

"The Mazda5 is pleasant enough to drive and live with, and its starting price and cargo space are impressive."

— | March 2010


Best Alternative to a Minivan

"We love that Mazda has the cojones to offer a stick in its six-passenger family hauler. If you have to drive a minivan, a Mazda 5 with a manual transmission is your best shot of convincing friends that you haven't totally given up."

— | August 2010


"More Agile Than a Typical Minivan"

"It's more agile than a typical minivan and easier to park, which is something to consider for those who don't really need all the space of a bigger van."

—, 2010 MAZDA5 Review

"Nimble Around-Town Machine"

"... Mazda5 is a nimble around-town machine, easy to park in crowded lots and boasting remarkably good agility, a trait shared by all Mazdas."

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