For all the fun-to-drive excitement Mazda vehicles are known for, it is reassuring to know that these Mazdas are also a friend to the environment — in more ways than one. According to the latest Environmental Protection Agency reports, every one listed below is among the greenest and cleanest on the road and some of them also offer the best fuel economy in their class.

2011 Fuel Economy Guide

It's always rewarding when the environmental choice is also the economical choice. Several vehicles in Mazda's fuel-friendly line-up have also earned the EPA's SmartWay certification mark.*


US EPA Certified SmartWay logo

Model Engine Trans Drive Economy
2011 MAZDA2 1.5L 4-cylinder 5-spd MT FWD 29/35 mpg
2011 MAZDA2 1.5L 4-cylinder 4-spd AT FWD 27/33 mpg
2011 MAZDA3 4-Door 2.0L 4-cylinder 5-spd MT FWD 25/33 mpg
2011 MAZDA3 4-Door‡ 2.0L 4-cylinder 5-spd AT FWD 24/33 mpg
2011 MAZDA3 4-Door‡ 2.5L 4-cylinder 5-spd AT FWD 22/29 mpg
2011 MAZDA3 5-Door‡ 2.5L 4-cylinder 5-spd AT FWD 22/29 mpg
2011 MAZDA6‡ 2.5L 4-cylinder 5-spd AT FWD 22/31 mpg
2011 MX-5 Miata‡ 2.0L 4-cylinder 5-spd MT RWD 22/28 mpg
2011 Tribute‡ 2.5L 4-cylinder 5-spd MT FWD 23/28 mpg

The criteria for a SmartWay certified vehicle is based on the vehicle emission scores that can be found on the U.S. EPA's Green Vehicle Guide ( The vehicle emission scores include the Greenhouse Gas Score and the Air Pollution Score.

The Air Pollution Score is based on the vehicle's officially certified exhaust emission standard as indicated on its Certificate of Conformity. In simpler terms, the less a vehicle contributes to smog, haze, poor health conditions and general air pollution, the higher the score will be.

The Greenhouse Gas Score for SmartWay certified cars is based on the combined adjusted fuel economy label value determined according to the Code of Federal Regulations, based on vehicle fuel type. Thus a higher score means that the vehicle has a higher fuel economy and emits less greenhouse-gas-causing emissions.

The SmartWay certification mark is achieved if a vehicle receives a minimum of 6 out of 10 on both the Greenhouse Gas Score and the Air Pollution Score, AND receives a combined score of 13 or higher.

* For full details regarding SmartWay certification, visit

† EPA-estimated mileage. Actual results may vary.

‡ California emissions standard versions only. is the official U.S. site for the latest information on current and upcoming Mazda vehicles. View photos, videos, specs and features information on Mazda sports cars, compact cars, sports sedans, SUVs and minivans, or configure your own vehicle, estimate payments, search inventory or get a quote request from your Mazda dealer.