Mazda has teamed up with Amoco and top tuner Jay Laub, to create a one of a kind, custom built Mazda RX-8. The stock model RX-8 has undergone a custom build-out sure to turn a few heads!

At first glance, the exterior screams Jay Laub with the signature paint scheme and graphics. Add a custom front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper and spoiler, and the personality goes from fierce to ferocious. The signature RX-8 “Freestyle“ doors have also been modified, opening in a sleek lift mode. The hood, trunk and lights have all been revamped to add even more character.

But this ride is not just about looks. We are talking Jay Laub! The engine is tweaked with a super-charger kit, along with custom oil coolers and silicone hoses. The exhaust system is sure to give you more response when you press on the gas, but no worries, as the anti-lock brakes (ABS) are modified to let you stop on a dime.

With all these horses pumping, Jay Laub transformed the RX-8 solid suspension using a rad coil cover kit, and front and rear anti-sway bars to keep this “ultimate“ ride hugging the road. The front and rear racing wheels and tires bring real street-cred to the piece.

Working with Amoco Ultimate® and giving Jay Laub free reign to customize an RX-8 worked out to be an awesome partnership. Laub has won more than “100 Best in Show“ awards for his unique car designs and the customized RX-8 is another creation that will surely continue to impress automotive enthusiasts.