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Door Locks


Always take all children and pets with you or leave a responsible person with them:

Leaving a child or a pet unattended in a parked vehicle is dangerous. In hot weather, temperatures inside a vehicle can become high enough to cause brain damage or even death.

Do not leave the key in your vehicle with children and keep them in a place where your children will not find or play with them:

Leaving children in a vehicle with the key is dangerous. This could result in someone being badly injured or even killed.

Keep all doors locked when driving:

Unlocked doors in a moving vehicle are dangerous. Passengers can fall out if a door is accidentally opened and can more easily be thrown out in an accident.

Always close all the windows and moonroof, lock the doors and take the key with you when leaving your vehicle unattended:

Leaving your vehicle unlocked is dangerous as children could lock themselves in a hot vehicle, which could result in death. Also, a vehicle left unlocked becomes an easy target for thieves and intruders.

After closing the doors, always verify that they are securely closed:

Doors not securely closed are dangerous, if the vehicle is driven with a door not securely closed, the door could open unexpectedly resulting in an accident.

Always confirm the safety around the vehicle before opening a door:

Suddenly opening a door is dangerous. A passing vehicle or a pedestrian could be hit and cause an accident.

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Always confirm the conditions around the vehicle before opening/closing the doors and use caution during strong winds or when parked on an incline. Not being aware of the conditions around the vehicle is dangerous because fingers could get caught in the door or a passing pedestrian could be hit, resulting in an unexpected accident or injury.

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  • Always stop the engine and lock the doors. In addition, to prevent theft of valuables, do not leave them inside the cabin.

  • If the key is left in the following areas and you leave the vehicle, the doors may be locked depending on the radio wave conditions even if the key is left in the vehicle.

    • Around the dashboard

    • In the storage compartments such as the glove compartment or the center console

    • On the rear parcel shelf

    • Next to a communication device such as a mobile phone

  • When the ignition is switched to ACC or ON, the vehicle lock-out prevention feature prevents you from locking yourself out of the vehicle.

    All doors will automatically unlock if they are locked using the power door locks with any door open.

    The vehicle lock-out prevention feature does not operate while the ignition is switched off.

    When any door is opened from the outside while the key is inside the vehicle, the closed doors are locked. All the doors are automatically unlocked by closing the open door.

    (With the advanced keyless function)

    The beep sound is heard for about 10 seconds to notify the driver that the key has been left in the vehicle.

    (Without the advanced keyless function)

    The horn sound is heard twice to notify the driver that the key has been left in the vehicle.

  • (Door unlock (control) system with collision detection)

    This system automatically unlocks the doors in the event the vehicle is involved in an accident to allow passengers to get out of the vehicle immediately and prevent being trapped inside. While the ignition is switched ON and in the event the vehicle receives an impact strong enough to inflate the air bags, all the doors are automatically unlocked after about 6 seconds have elapsed from the time of the accident.

    The doors may not unlock depending on how an impact is applied, the force of the impact, and other conditions of the accident.

    If door-related systems or the battery is malfunctioning, the doors will not unlock.

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