Rearview Mirror


Do not stack cargo or objects higher than the seatbacks:

Cargo stacked higher than the seatbacks is dangerous. It can block your view in the rearview mirror, which might cause you to hit another car when changing lanes.

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Rearview mirror adjustment

Before driving, adjust the rearview mirror to center on the scene through the rear window.



For the manual day/night mirror, perform the adjustment with the day/night lever in the day position.

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Reducing glare from headlights

Manual day/night mirror

Push the day/night lever forward for day driving. Pull it back to reduce glare of headlights from vehicles at the rear.


Auto-dimming mirror

The auto-dimming mirror automatically reduces the glare of headlights from vehicles at the rear when the ignition is switched ON.


Press the OFF button () to cancel the auto-dimming function. The indicator light will turn off.

To reactivate the auto-dimming function, press the ON button (). The indicator light will illuminate.



  • Do not use glass cleaner or suspend objects on or around the light sensor. Otherwise, light sensor sensitivity will be affected and may not operate normally.


  • For information regarding the 3 buttons (,,) on the auto-dimming mirror.

    Refer to HomeLink Wireless Control System (Search).

  • The auto-dimming function is canceled when the ignition is switched ON and the shift/selector lever is in reverse (R).

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