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Saving Fuel and Protection of the Environment

How you operate your Mazda determines how far it will travel on a tank of fuel. Use these suggestions to help save fuel and reduce CO2.

  • Avoid long warm-ups. Once the engine runs smoothly, begin driving.

  • Avoid fast starts.

  • Drive at lower speeds.

  • Anticipate when to apply the brakes (avoid sudden braking).

  • Follow the maintenance schedule (Search) and have an Authorized Mazda Dealer perform inspections and servicing.

  • Use the air conditioner only when necessary.

  • Slow down on rough roads.

  • Keep the tires properly inflated.

  • Do not carry unnecessary weight.

  • Do not rest your foot on the brake pedal while driving.

  • Keep the wheels in correct alignment.

  • Keep windows closed at high speeds.

  • Slow down when driving in crosswinds and headwinds.


Never stop the engine when going down a hill:

Stopping the engine when going down a hill is dangerous. This causes the loss of power steering and power brake control, and may cause damage to the drivetrain. Any loss of steering or braking control could cause an accident.

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