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Hazardous Driving


Be extremely careful if it is necessary to downshift on slippery surfaces:

Downshifting into lower gear while driving on slippery surfaces is dangerous. The sudden change in tire speed could cause the tires to skid. This could lead to loss of vehicle control and an accident.

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When driving on ice or in water, snow, mud, sand, or similar hazards:

  • Be cautious and allow extra distance for braking.

  • Avoid sudden braking and sudden maneuvering.

  • Do not pump the brakes. Continue to press down on the brake pedal.

    Refer to Antilock Brake System (ABS) (Search).

  • If you get stuck, select a lower gear and accelerate slowly. Do not spin the front wheels.

  • For more traction in starting on slippery surfaces such as ice or packed snow, use sand, rock salt, chains, carpeting, or other nonslip material under the front wheels.


Use snow chains only on the front wheels.

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