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Rear Window Defogger

The rear window defogger clears fog from the rear window.


The ignition must be switched ON to use the defogger.


Press the switch to turn on the rear window defogger. The rear window defogger operates for about 15 minutes and then turns off automatically.

The indicator light illuminates when the defogger is operating.


To turn off the rear window defogger before the 15 minutes has elapsed, press the switch again.

Manual Climate Control

Fully Automatic Climate Control


  • Do not use sharp instruments or window cleaners with abrasives to clean the inside of the rear window surface. They may damage the defogger grid inside the window.

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  • This defogger is not designed for melting snow. If there is an accumulation of snow on the rear window, remove it before using the defogger.

  • The rear window defogger setting can be changed. After changing the setting, the rear window defogger stops automatically after 15 minutes have elapsed and when the ambient temperature is high. When the ambient temperature is low, it continues to operate until the switch is pressed again.

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