i-ELOOP (Some Models)

i-ELOOP (Some Models)

i-ELOOP is a regenerative braking system. When you depress the brake pedal or use engine braking, the kinetic energy that occurs is converted to electrical energy by the power generator and the converted electrical energy is stored in the rechargeable battery (capacitor and battery). The stored electricity is used as power to charge the battery and the vehicle's electrical devices.

  • A variable voltage alternator is incorporated in the power generator which converts the kinetic energy to electricity and can generate electricity efficiently according to the vehicle conditions.

  • A capacitor is used to store large amounts of electricity instantly which can be utilized quickly.

  • A DC-DC converter is incorporated which steps down the stored electricity to voltage useable by the vehicle's electrical devices.


High-current electricity flows through the following parts, therefore do not touch them.

  • Variable voltage alternator

  • DC-DC converter

  • Capacitor

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  • A difference in the fuel economy may occur depending on how the vehicle's electrical devices are used.

  • If the capacitor is to be disposed of, always consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

    For details, go to the following URL.


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