Fuel Economy Monitor

Fuel Economy Monitor

The Control Status and Fuel Consumption are switched and displayed by operating each icon in the display.

In addition, after completing a trip, the total energy efficiency to date is displayed in the ending display when the ending display is turned on.

  1. Select the icon on the home screen to display the applications screen.

  2. Select the “Fuel Economy Monitor”.

  3. Operate the commander switch or touch the screen and display the menu.


    When the menu is displayed by touching the screen, the display is hidden automatically after 6 seconds.

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  4. Select the icon in the menu and perform the operation. Each icon operates as follows:

    Indication on display

    Control status

    Hides the menu display.

    Displays the application screen.

    Switches the Fuel Economy Monitor in the order of Control Status and Fuel Consumption.

    Resets the fuel economy data.

    Displays the following setting screen.

    • Ending display on/off switching

    • On/off switching for function which synchronizes reset fuel economy data to trip meter (Trip A)


The fuel economy monitor screen after the ignition is switched from ON to OFF is changed to the original fuel economy monitor screen when the ignition is switched ON the next time.

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