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If you have any problems with Bluetooth®, contact our toll-free customer service center.

Bluetooth® Device pairing, connection problems



Solution method

Unable to perform pairing

First make sure the device is compatible with the Bluetooth® unit, and then check whether the Bluetooth® function and the Find Mode/Visible setting*1 on the device are turned on. If pairing is still not possible after this, contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer or Mazda Bluetooth® Hands-Free Customer Service.

Pairing cannot be performed again

The pairing information paired to the Bluetooth® unit or device is not recognized correctly.

Perform pairing using the following procedure.

  • Clear “Mazda” stored in the device.

  • Perform pairing again.

Unable to perform pairing

The Bluetooth® function and the Find Mode/Visible setting*1 on the device may turn off automatically after a period of time has elapsed depending on the device.

Check whether the Bluetooth® function and the Find Mode/Visible setting*1 on the device are turned on and pairing or reconnect.

Does not connect automatically when starting the engine

Automatically connects, but then disconnects suddenly

Disconnects intermittently

The device is in a location in which radio wave interference can occur easily, such as inside a bag in a rear seat, in a rear pocket of a pair of pants.

Move the device to a location in which radio wave interference is less likely to occur.

Does not connect automatically when starting the engine

The pairing information is updated when the device OS is updated.

Perform pairing again.

  1. Setting which detects the existence of a device external to the Bluetooth® unit


  • When the OS of the device is updated, the pairing information may be deleted. If this happens, reprogram the pairing information to the Bluetooth® unit.

  • If you pair your phone which has already been paired to your vehicle more than once in the past, you need to delete “Mazda” on your mobile device. Then, execute the Bluetooth® search on your mobile device once again, and pair to a newly detected “Mazda”.

  • Before you pair your device, make sure that Bluetooth® is “ON”, both on your phone and on the vehicle.

  • If Bluetooth®-enabled devices are used in the following locations or conditions, connection via Bluetooth® may not be possible.

    • The device is in a location hidden from the center display such as behind or under a seat, or inside the glove compartment.

    • The device contacts or is covered by a metal object or body.

    • The device is set to power-saving mode.

  • Different Bluetooth®-enabled devices can be used for Bluetooth® Hands-Free and Bluetooth® audio. For example, device A can be connected as a Bluetooth® Hands-Free device and device B can be connected as a Bluetooth® audio device. However, the following may occur when they are used at the same time.

    • The Bluetooth® connection of the device is disconnected.

    • Noise occurs in the Hands-Free audio.

    • Hands-Free operates slowly.

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Voice recognition related problems



Solution method

Poor voice recognition

  • Excessive, slow speech.

  • Excessive, forceful speech (shouting).

  • Speaking before the beep sound has ended.

  • Loud noise (speaking or noise from outside/inside vehicle).

  • Airflow from A/C is blowing against the microphone.

  • Speaking in off-standard expressions (dialect).

Regarding the causes indicated on the left, be careful with how you speak. In addition, when numbers are spoken in a sequence, recognition ability will improve if no stop is placed between the numbers.

False recognition of numbers

Poor voice recognition

There is a malfunction in the microphone.

A poor connection or malfunction with the microphone may have occurred. Consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

Phone-related voice recognition is disabled

There is a problem with the connection between the Bluetooth® unit and the device.

If there is any malfunction after checking the pairing situation, check for device pairing or connection problems.

Names in the phonebook are not easily recognized

The Bluetooth® system is under a condition in which recognition is difficult.

By carrying out the following measures, the rate of recognition will improve.

  • Clear memory from the phonebook which is not used very often.

  • Avoid shortened names, use full names. (Recognition improves the longer the name is. By not using names such as “Mom”, “Dad”, recognition will improve.)

When operating the audio, a song name is not recognized

Song names cannot be recognized by voice.

You want to skip guidance

Guidance can be skipped by quickly pressing and releasing the Talk button.

Regarding problems with calls



Solution method

When starting a call, vehicle noise from the other party can be heard

For about three seconds after starting a call, the Bluetooth® unit's Noise Suppression function requires time to adapt to the call environment.

This does not indicate a problem with the device.

The other party cannot be heard or the speaker's voice is quiet

The volume is set at zero or low.

Increase the volume.

Other problems



Solution method

The indication for the remaining battery is different between the vehicle and the device

The indication method is different between the vehicle and the device.

When a call is made from the vehicle, the telephone number is updated in the incoming/outgoing call record but the name does not appear

The number has not been registered into the phonebook.

If the number has been registered into the phonebook, the incoming/outgoing call record is updated by the name in the phonebook when the engine is restarted.

The cell phone does not synchronize with the vehicle regarding the incoming/outgoing call record

Some types of cell phones do not synchronize automatically.

Operate the cell phone for synchronization.

It takes a long time to complete the function for changing the language

A maximum of 60 seconds is required.