Spare Tire and Tool Storage
Changing a Flat Tire

Spare Tire

Your Mazda has a temporary spare tire.

The temporary spare tire is lighter and smaller than a conventional tire, and is designed only for emergency use and should be used only for VERY short periods. Temporary spare tires should NEVER be used for long drives or extended periods.


Do not install the temporary spare tire on the front wheels (driving wheels):

Driving with the temporary spare tire on one of the front driving wheels is dangerous. Handling will be affected. You could lose control of the vehicle, especially on ice or snow bound roads, and have an accident. Move a regular tire to the front wheel and install the temporary spare tire to the rear.

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  • When using the temporary spare tire, driving stability may decrease compared to when using only the conventional tire. Drive carefully.

  • To avoid damage to the temporary spare tire or to the vehicle, observe the following precautions:

    • Do not exceed 80 km/h (50 mph).

    • Avoid driving over obstacles. Also, do not drive through an automatic car wash. This tire's diameter is smaller than a conventional tire, so the ground clearance is reduced.

    • Do not use a tire chain on this tire because it will not fit properly.

    • Do not use your temporary spare tire on any other vehicle, it has been designed only for your Mazda.

    • Use only one temporary spare tire on your vehicle at the same time.

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To remove the spare tire

  1. Lift the trunk mat.


  2. Turn the spare tire hold-down bolt counterclockwise.


To secure the spare tire

Store the spare tire in the reverse order of removal. After storing, verify that the spare tire is stored securely.