Tires and Tire Chains

The condition of the tires plays a large role in the performance of the vehicle. Moreover, to prevent adverse effects to the drive assembly, please note the following:


  • When replacing tires, always replace all front and rear tires at the same time.

  • All tires must be of the same size, manufacture, brand and tread pattern. Pay particular attention when equipping snow or other types of winter tires.

  • Do not mix tread-worn tires with normal tires.

  • Inspect tire inflation pressures at the specified periods adjust to the specified pressures.


Check the tire inflation pressure label attached to driver's door frame for the correct tire inflation pressure.

  • Make sure to equip the vehicle with genuine tires of the specified size, on all wheels. With AWD, the system is calibrated for all 4 wheels being of the same dimensions.

Tire chains

  • Install tire chains to the front tires.

  • Do not use tire chains on the rear wheels.

  • Do not drive the vehicle faster than 30 km/h (19 mph) with the tire chains installed.

  • Do not drive the vehicle with tire chains on road conditions other than snow or ice.

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