Top View/Rear Wide View

Use the top view/rear wide view to assist in checking the safety of the surrounding area when accelerating from a stop, parking, or stopping the vehicle.

Range of displayed screen image

  1. Target object


  • In the top view screen, the areas in black at the front and rear of the vehicle image and the seams where each of the camera images merge are blind spots.

  • Because images displayed in the top view screen are processed from each camera, the top view screen may display in the following ways.

    • If an image containing an object with a conspicuous color is picked up by any of the cameras, the screen area for each camera may be affected and it may display in that color.

    • Obstructions displayed in the front view may not display on the top view screen.

    • If the position or angle of each camera changes due to tilting of the vehicle, the image may appear distorted.

    • Lines on the road may appear distorted at the seams where each of the camera images merge.

    • The screen area for each camera may appear bright/dark depending on the illumination level around any of the cameras.

Viewing the screen





Extended vehicle width lines and distance guide lines (blue & red)

These guide lines indicate the approximate width of the vehicle and distance to a point measured from the rear of the vehicle (from the end of the bumper).

  • The red lines indicate the points up to about 0.5 m (19 in) from the rear end of the bumper.


The top view/rear wide view screen displays the image at the rear of the vehicle at a wide angle and corrects the image to help detect approaching obstructions from the side. Therefore, it differs from the actual view.

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