Frequently Asked Questions

Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan FAQ for Mazda Partners

1. What is the Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan?

The Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan is offered by Mazda North American Operations to encourage those individuals affiliated with Mazda products and services to drive a new Mazda vehicle. The program offers eligible participants a no-hassle, set price at a significant savings vs. the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).

2. Who is Eligible for the Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan?

Current Employees of Mazda Partners and Ford Motor Company employees/retirees are eligible to receive a Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan PIN Certificate through this site. In addition, Mazda Dealer employees, MNAO Contractors and MNAO Employee-sponsored individuals may also participate using their WSL login or by contacting an MNAO employee.

3. To whom can Mazda Partners extend their Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan benefit?

Immediate family members, which are defined as the partner’s spouse, domestic partner, parents, in-laws, children and siblings. This includes step-brothers/sisters, step-sons/daughters, half-brothers/sisters, and domestic partner children. The employee is eligible for a total of four (4) PINs per calendar year.

4. I am not sure what our company's Partner ID number is. Whom do I contact?

Please contact your Human Resources department or company benefits coordinator for assistance. If they are unable to provide the Partner ID, Mazda's Customer Experience Center will be happy to assist you. It can be reached at (800) 222-5500.

5. Which products are eligible?

All new Mazda vehicles sold in the United States are eligible to be purchased through the Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan. Mazda reserves the right to restrict eligibility on specific models as necessary.

6. Are used vehicles eligible?

No. Used vehicles and Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are not eligible.

7. What is the Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan price, and where can I find it?

Every new Mazda vehicle has a specific Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan price. This is a no-hassle price, and it is non-negotiable. Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan customers pay what they see. The amount is printed in the lower left corner of the factory invoice and labeled as “SPLAN.”

8. Are buyers eligible for rebates, APR or lease programs?

Yes, these buyers are eligible for the same incentives as any other retail customer. Miscellaneous rebates such as College Graduate, Military or financing cash may also apply as long as the specific rules and conditions are met.

9. Which items are not covered by this plan?

The Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan does not cover dealer-installed options, extended service contracts, trade-ins, financing and insurance. These items must be agreed upon between you and the dealer. In addition, the S-Plan price does not include tax, title, license and dealer documentation charges.

10. What is a Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan PIN?

This is a Personal Identification Number for Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan customers. Each PIN is valid only for a single purchase or lease and may only be used in the U.S. Once the PIN is generated, only the individual on the PIN is authorized to purchase an eligible vehicle. PINs expire after 90 days.

11. Can a PIN be transferred to someone else?

No, the purchaser must be the same individual listed on the PIN certificate.

12. What if the customer forgot or misplaced his or her PIN?

A new PIN must be created.

13. What if the PIN is invalid or has already been used?

A new PIN must be created.