Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan

The Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan offers eligible participants set, no-hassle prices at a significant savings vs. the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Eligible customers receive this price without having to negotiate at the dealership. 

  • The Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan price is equal to the total dealer invoice price including freight and any voluntary assessments and state-regulated fees.
  • Every new Mazda vehicle has an individual Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan price. The amount is printed in the lower left corner of the factory invoice and labeled as “SPLAN.”

Examples of potential savings


In addition to the savings outlined above, Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan customers receive the following rebates and incentives as applicable:

  • All Customer Cash retail incentives.
  • Miscellaneous rebates such as College Graduate, Military or financing cash may apply as long as the specific rules and conditions are met.
  • In some cases, Dealer Cash incentives may be converted to Customer Cash.

Other Fees & Charges

  • Dealers may charge reasonable and customary documentation fees. Please be advised that with each Mazda dealership being an independently owned and operated franchise, a documentation fee may also be added to the final price of the vehicle.
  • Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan price does not include dealer-installed options, accessories, extended service contracts and other items or services. These items need to be negotiated separately between the dealership and customer.
  • Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan price does not include tax, title, license and required state motor vehicle fees.
  • Trade-in, financing and insurance are not covered by the Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan and must be negotiated between the dealership and customer.
  • Dealers may require a deposit when placing a vehicle order. The dealership may retain some or all of this deposit if the customer cancels the order. A written agreement should be signed by both the dealer and customer stating the terms and conditions.
  • Optional equipment installed by the dealership and/or aftermarket services provided by the dealership are not covered under the Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan. Any non-OEM parts and/or aftermarket services installed on the vehicle by the dealership could result in additional charges.